forensic & restructuring forum 24

Insights and Strategies for Financial Resilience

27 February 2024 | The Address Dubai Mall Hotel


Navigating Turbulent Waters:

Insights for Successful Financial Restructuring and Forensic Investigations

As the global economic landscape navigates increasing uncertainty and complexity, the demand for effective forensic and restructuring strategies has never been more critical. Amidst rising corporate insolvencies, the escalating cost of financial crimes, and heightened geopolitical tensions, the second forensic and restructuring forum emerges as a pivotal gathering designed to equip industry professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate these turbulent times.

The annual fore forum, a collaborative effort between Secretariat and The Wealth Today, will bring together leading experts and institutions from across the region to dissect the complexities of forensic investigations, management of distressed assets, asset tracing and recovery, role of emerging technologies, geopolitical risks on businesses and managing crisis approach in a rapidly changing economic climate.

Through thought-provoking discussions and insightful presentations, forensic and restructuring forum 24 will equip participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the intricacies of these critical fields and emerge as industry leaders.

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forensic &

restructuring summit

As global economic headwinds rise, The Wealth Today and Secretariat join forces to present the Forensic and Restructuring Forum 24. This crucial event brings together leading voices and institutions to address the complex challenges of financial distress, regulatory compliance, and crisis management in a turbulent world.
As companies face increasing pressure to meet financial targets, the risk of financial distress, regulatory or legal breaches, and related reputational risks has become more pronounced.
fore forum 24, over a relaxed and candid environment, will host key voices and institutions in the region, to discuss and debate, trends, opportunities, challenges, and solutions that organizations need to be aware of in order to navigate the current economic and business climate.



At the fore forum 24, you will meet your potential clients, partners, collaborators, and senior executives involved in the regional forensic and restructuring landscape.
Along the highlighting keynotes and panel discussions, create more wins through one-on-one interactions by exchanging opportunities with key industry players and forging collaboration.
Seize your spot at the event by either applying as an attending delegate, a keynote or panel speaker or even as a sponsor to propel your brand with a competitive advantage and dynamic branding strategies with forensic and restructuring forum.

Past Speakers

Past Speakers

Wai-Lum Kwok, CFA

Senior Executive Director, Authorisation & Fintech Financial Services Regulatory Authority

Gaurav Dubey

TDeFi - Crypto Incubator and Advisory

Benjamin Ampen

Managing Director MENA
Kraken Crypto Exchange

Hubertus Thonhauser

Partner _ Chairman
Ghaf Capital

At The Finance Today Summit, we host some of the top executives from the regional financial institutions, technology companies and organizations which are contributing to the evolution of finance industry in the region and beyond.

F. Christopher Calabia


Dr. Marwan Alzarouni

Dubai Blockchain Center

Basil Al Askari

Cofounder and CEO

Igneus Terrenus

Head Head of Communications

Marwan Bin Dalmook

Head of NBI Service Design & Delivery

Navin Gupta

Managing Director

Adeeb Ahamed

Managing Director
Lulu Financial Holding

Brian Yeoh

Head of Data Governance & Strategy
Abu Dhabi Global Market

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